How do I get started?

Please go to the “Contact Me” page on my website or feel free to email me at sydneyconverse@gmail.com

How long is each video?

Each video will vary in time depending on the project. However it will mostly be up to the client on their preference of length for freelance projects.

How do I send you videos to edit?

Google Drive is usually the easiest! Many video files are too large for email, which is why Google Drive works really well. You simply upload them on a file, share the drive with me and I’ll take it from there!

What’s the turnaround time?

Just two weeks! However, if there is a large demand for the project, I have rush orders available.

Do I have to provide music?

I take requests and preferences, but I use a music software that provides a large array of genres and selections. I’m really good at choosing specific music for each project, which can take the ease off a client, but I’m always open to suggestions.

How does pricing work?

Each project will vary on pricing. Gymnastics videos have a set price, which you can find under the “Athlete Creative Brief” on the Contact Me Page. Freelance videos will differentiate per project, but my base fee is $200.

Can you come to me for videos?

I am free to travel anywhere and come shoot where you need me too! It will just cost a little extra in the end fee, but I am more than happy to come shoot any projects.

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